Glass Pitchers – Finding the Best No Drip, No Spill, and Hot/Cold Container

Glass Pitchers

Finding the best glass pitcher involves doing a bit of research. Not all glass is created equally, and if you don’t know what to look for, you can easily purchase one that cracks or leaks. Often, the cause of leaking may not be the manufacturer’s fault as not all of them are designed for both hot/cold use. Also, some glasses are more durable than others.

We will be reviewing the following items:

Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre Glass PItcher

JCP Kitchen 100 oz. Glass PItcher

Mikasa Napoli Glass Beverage Pitcher

What to Look For

While buying a glass pitcher may appear to be a very simple task and boil down to design preferences, there are a few nuances to consider if you want something that is durable and versatile.

Material is probably what you should give the most consideration to. While you may be thinking that, well, glass is glass, this is not actually the case. There are two types of glass available. Both are equipped with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Soda-lime-silica glass is what we consider ordinary glass. It is quite affordable and is used in many items. The weakness, however, is that it is more fragile and can’t withstand extreme changes in temperature. It doesn’t do well in high temperatures or thermal changes.

Borosilicate glass tends to be stronger and easily resists temperature changes. It also resists chemical corrosion and is used in a lot of laboratory equipment. 

It is advisable to avoid tinted or painted pitchers since these materials can leach into your liquid. Instead, opt for a colorless glass pitcher.


Consider your space and the functionality of the pitcher. Do you have ample room in your refrigerator, or is space limited? Do you need something that is slender or with a small footprint? Will you need it for the stove or hot water? The practical applications need to be considered since not all glass is created equal.


Refrain from buying a pitcher that is too small. Instead, select one suitable for the number of people in your family. Even though not everyone may be using it all the time, or even like what is being placed in it, it will save you the frustration of constantly filling it.

Make sure that it has a sturdy handle, that it is easy to carry, and preferably comes with a good grip. The handle itself needs to support the weight of the pitcher easily. 

Lid Material

The lid material should be food grade and non-toxic. Your health should not be put at risk for the sake of a pretty pitcher. The material must not rust and you should check if there is any BPA in the plastic. You do not want any harmful chemicals to leach into the liquid, and if you aren’t diligent, it can happen easily. Don’t assume that, just because it’s on today’s market, it is completely safe.

Glass Pitcher with Lid

As emphasized above, consider the composition of both the glass and the lid before making a purchase. Also, pay special attention to the temperature restrictions on some of the recommendations. Not all of them are meant for high temperatures. So, even though they are durable, they may have their limitations.

Best Overall: Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre Glass PItcher

Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre Glass PItcher

For those who love water, iced coffee, iced tea, and juice, you will appreciate the leak-proof design and easy carrying of this glass pitcher. This clear pitcher is securely sealed and will not spill. The hermetic closure lid offers an airtight seal, allowing you to move or store it without having to worry about a mess.

The carafe is made from high quality material from Italy with an exquisite attention to detail. The glass is durable and sturdy. It is BPA-free so it will not harm your family. 

It is important to note that the lid on this pitcher needs to be turned for tightening. Since the lid is slightly smaller than the opening, it requires you to turn it to make an airtight seal.


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy pour handle and spout


  • Designed for cold beverages only
  • Not easy to clean by hand due to the opening and may require a bottle brush

Glass Pitcher with Spout

For glass pitchers with a spout, you want to be sure that the contents pour easily and don’t dribble or spill. Not all openings are mess-proof. There may be a special technique for pouring as well. Many of these contain a lid wherein the user tips the jug, opens the lid a bit, and then pours to avoid a mess. 

Generally, if the spout is wide, pouring shouldn’t be a problem. If it is dainty, you may want to tip it slightly, then loosen the lid a bit prior to pouring to avoid over-pouring or creating a mess.

Best Runner Up: JCP Kitchen 100 oz. Glass PItcher

JCP Kitchen 100 oz. Glass PItcher

With a beautiful, handmade, vintage design, this glass pitcher is made from borosilicate glass. It is designed for both hot and cold beverages within temperatures of 0°F to 300°F. 

Boiling water can easily be poured into this pitcher without cracking it. It can safely be used for the microwave (without the lid) and stovetop as well. The two-way stainless steel lid allows you to pour with a wide-open spout or through a filtered mouth. It is designed to keep ice cubes, tea bags, and fruit inside the jug. 


  • Won’t drip or spill
  • BPA-free
  • Lead-free
  • Dishwasher-safe without the lid but handwashing is recommended


  • Handle is thin and awkward for carrying

Glass Water Pitcher

For a regular glass water pitcher, you may need to be mindful of spills. These types of jugs should only be used for liquids – nothing that contains fruit infusions, tea bags, or even ice (unless you want it in your drink). There is nothing to stop the contents from being poured out along with the beverage, and aside from the angle you are pouring, there is no stopper to prevent a mess.

Best Budget: Mikasa Napoli Glass Beverage Pitcher

Mikasa Napoli Glass Beverage Pitcher

This simple yet beautiful design is versatile enough to be used daily or for special occasions. It holds 70 ounces to the top of the handle. Made in Poland, it is crafted of high-quality, clear glassware. It is best used for cold beverages.


  • Easy to pour
  • Handle is sturdy
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • May be a bit too delicate
  • Only comfortably holds 50 oz.


How to get tea stains out of a glass pitcher?

Baking soda and water is the wonder mixture to get out most stains. Mix three tablespoons of baking soda with a bit of water to make a slurry. Then, rub it on the stain. Or you can dissolve one teaspoon dishwasher detergent into one cup of hot water. Pour it into the glass covering the stain. Leave overnight, then wash and rinse as normal.

Why is it possible to see the iced tea in a clear glass pitcher?

If the pitcher is made of clear glass, it is possible to see the iced tea in the pitcher due to the transparency of the material.

How to keep liquid in a glass pitcher cold?

The best way to keep it cold is to either add ice or refrigerate it for a while. To quickly chill a pitcher, you can briefly put it in a freezer. However, you need to be sure your pitcher can withstand the temperature and not shatter. Not all containers are designed that way, and if you are unsure, you could end up shattering it.

Glass pitchers come in two types of glass. Pay special attention to the one that you select as some are more fragile than others. Also, carefully consider whether you need a pitcher for hot/cold beverages. If they aren’t designed for a dual purpose, you will notice the glass crack, chip, and break.

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