Best Tea Kettle – Electric and Stove Top Options for Tea Time

The best tea kettle for ease, function, and convenience is electric, which is easily plugged in and started. The best tea kettles for homes with limited electrical outlets are stove-top models that also have an alarming mechanism like a whistle so that you can know when its ready to be turned off. 
Tea Kettle
Tea has been served for centuries in all cultures

When it comes to tea kettles, there are various models to choose from. While they may all look and function alike, there are still many things to consider before making your final purchase. With numerous characteristics and materials available, your tea kettle should above all be practical and functional.

Here are the best tea kettles on the market today:

Best Electric Tea Kettles

Best Tea Kettle for Stoves

Best Kettle for Tea

Best Kettle for Tea

When looking for a new tea kettle, you need to examine specific functionalities and elements to help you to distinguish a good tea kettle from a bad one.

First, you should consider your budget, preferred tea-drinking style, and preparation time. A tea kettle may be incredible in terms of its capabilities, but if it doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle, it will quickly gather dust in your home. The answer to the questions above will guide you to the perfect kettle for you.

If you are looking for something convenient, you should consider an electric tea kettle. It is perfect for those that need something quick and efficient. The water boils in under five minutes and shuts off once the water boils. It is also perfect for students living in dorms who don’t have access to a stove (A cool gift idea for a new college student).

If your style for making tea is more slow-paced and you enjoy a good, quality cup of tea, then you may desire a stovetop kettle. These kettles take seven to ten minutes to boil and are available in different materials.

The materials used can enhance the tea’s flavor, making it a more enjoyable experience. Even though some may, they are still very attractive and the perfect complement to many decors.

It can also add a bit of a traditional feel to a clean, contemporary kitchen.

Copper tea kettles cut down on electricity as the water boils quicker despite using only medium heat. The downfall is that Copper is soft material that can become scratched, and it requires polishing to remain in good condition.

It provides the perfect look for a farmhouse kitchen.

Stainless steel kettles

Stainless steel kettles are durable and last for a long time. While it may take some time for water to reach a boil, they don’t require a great deal of maintenance. They can become very hot, so search for a model with handles that are not stainless steel.

Enamel tea kettles provide that classy touch to a kitchen. They are easy to clean and are durable. Available in several styles and colors, it is easy to match them to your décor. The most popular forms of an enamel tea kettle are the whistling ones which alert you when your water is boiling. This feature makes it ideal for those who are busy or a little forgetful.

When it comes to features, you need to determine which functionalities you require. Some kettles simply boil water. Meanwhile, others have features like temperature settings.

Here are a few tips:

  • If considering an electric kettle, use ones with water filters if you need hard water deposits removed.
  • Some kettles have a one-tone whistling mode for those who can’t stand the noise each time water boils. Others have whistles that gradually become louder as the temperature goes up.
  • The kettle must have a good handle for safety. Buy one composed of a heat-resistant material like plastic, wood, or silicone handles to prevent burns.
  • Temperature control is for those who like to create various varieties of tea. Some brands require lower boiling settings.
  • Wide spouts allow users to refill the water without needing to open the lid. However, pouring becomes more challenging.
  • To prevent overheating and fire, find a kettle with automatic shut-offs and ready signals.
  • Small spouts that are well-defined allow you to maintain control of steam coming out of the kettle.

The best materials consist of:

  • Anodized aluminum for energy efficiency, rapid heat, and durability. It is also very lightweight.
  • Copper is energy-efficient and attractive. However, they need more maintenance, are easily dent, and can be used on medium heat.
  • Stainless steel is easy to care for and is affordable. However, boiling water takes longer.
  • Glass is easy to clean and visually appealing. However, it can easily crack.
  • Cast iron kettles are very heavy, yet durable. They hold heat well. To prevent rusting, users need to dry it thoroughly after each use. It also takes longer to boil.

Best Electric Tea Kettle

Best Electric Tea Kettle

Here are several tea kettles that are the best in their categories. They have remarkable safety features and are quite functional.

Best for Safety: Alryoyo Electric Kettle

Alryoyo Electric Kettle

Made of stainless steel, this double-wall design resists scratching and makes it safe from burns. Its interior is 100% stainless steel, with the spout, lid, and rim all 304 food-grade stainless steel. The plastic is completely BPA-free, making it safe for the entire family.


  • British strix thermostat
  • Automatic shut off
  • Wide spout
  • Boils in six to seven minutes


  • Wide spout may offer less control

Best Overall: Cosori Electric Kettle

Cosori Electric Kettle

The Cosori kettle has six temperature presents. Made of food-grade material, it prevents the water from touching plastic, making it healthy to use. It holds the temperature for one hour after the water has finished boiling. Also, the keep warm functions change color according to your selection.


  • Heats in three to seven minutes
  • Automatic shut off
  • Boil dry protection
  • Appliance beeps when ready


  • Users may not be able to use filtered water in the device as it may produce scales.
  • May have a heavy plastic smell

Best Tea Kettle for a Gas Stove

Chef's Secret

When it comes to boiling water using a gas stove, the Chef’s Secret rises to the top of the list.  Made from stainless steel, it has a copper center bottom. Its thermal conductivity allows hot, warmed, and boiled liquids to retain temperature for a longer duration over a glass or ceramic pots.


  • Heats evenly
  • Heat resistant grip and knob allowing your fingers to be kept away from steam
  • Works well in a modern kitchen


  • Metal may come off in boiling chamber
  • May rust at the bottom

Best Runner Up: OXO Good Grips

OXO Good Grips

Users will find this kettle easy to use with the one-touch spout cap. The handle is soft and angled to make pouring comfortable, and the hand rotates for easy storage. The large opening for the lid makes cleaning easy.


  • High-grade stainless steel
  • Rust resistant
  • Heat resistant silicone found on handles and spout


  • Lid can become extremely hot
  • Lid may become stuck

Best Electric Tea Kettle 2020

 Chefman Digital electric kettle

For the best electric tea kettle, look no further than the Chefman Digital electric kettle. It boils two cups of water in about three minutes, with a full pot boiling in seven minutes. It has a custom sleep timer and has seven presets for your every need.

Users can steep green, oolong, herbal, white, and black tea to perfection with this appliance. The heater coating will prevent the kettle from experiencing mineral stains. The removable tea infuser will also allow you to create bagged or loose-leaf beverages in the glass kettle.


  • Easy to use with a 360° swivel base
  • Durable
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Automatic shut off


  • Auto shutoff doesn’t always work
  • No keep warm feature

Best Stovetop Tea Kettle

 Susteas Stove Top kettle

It is difficult to beat this classic stovetop design. The Susteas Stove Top kettle whistles when it is done. It has a cool handle and has a push-button feature which makes for easy pouring. Available in three colors, this 2.63-quart kettle is perfect for the whole family. The loud whistle also makes it easy to hear if you are in another room.

It has a three-layer base that evenly heats boiling water quicker. Can be used for gas, induction cooking, electric, halogen, and radiant cookers.


  • 100% Teflon
  • BPA free
  • Thick body


  • White color easily discolors
  • Whistle is loud

Best Runner Up: Cuisinart Aura

Cuisinart Aura

This two-quart kettle comes in stainless steel, metallic red, and metallic copper. When the water boils, it makes a pleasant sound. The handle is comfortable and safe. The interior is nonreactive, which makes it resistant to corrosion.


  • Boils in eight minutes
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to use


  • Some users have reported the inside sheds
  • A few reports of rust
  • Opening is small

There are a variety of tea kettles to choose from, each with its own distinctive features and design. Gone are the years of a standard look. Now, tea kettles are available to match any décor imaginable.

Not only will they easily match your design, but they have various features that come in handy depending on how you enjoy your tea. Most people may select one that is basic in construction, some enjoy a beverage created a certain way, taking time to create a certain flavor or layering.

Before making a purchase, find a kettle that is good for your budget, convenient for your lifestyle, and has the features that you need.

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