Honey Jars – The Best (and Most Adorable) Way to Store Honey

Honey Jar Spell

Honey is a very versatile product with a variety of applications. Most people use it as a sweet treat or in recipes. However, this isn’t the only way you can use honey. Some people use it to do a trending love spell. For others, it conjures up images of Winne the Pooh. Then, some simply enjoy canning their own honey.

We’ll cover a few products here, including:

Honey Jar Spell

Honey Jar Spell

This spell goes back to ancient times when witches used honey for love spells. The concept behind it is something sweet will create affection and fondness between two individuals.

It is the most common love spell designed to improve people’s connections with one another. You can use them to improve a pre-existing relationship or draw people closer.

Honey Jar Love Spell

To cast this spell, begin by writing the other person’s name three times on a piece of paper. Turn your paper 90°, then write your name on it three times. Your name should overlap with the other person’s name.

Users are encouraged to focus on what they desire from the spell. Do they want a new lover, to have an ex return, or improve their relationship? Once decided, write your desire on the piece of paper so that it circles the names listed. Avoid lifting the pencil off the paper while inscribing the wish.

Once completed, fold the paper up and put it in a honey-filled jar. Ensure you touch the honey as you place it in the jar. Remove your fingers and say the following aloud:

“As honey is sweet, that is how she/he will behave towards me.”

Lick the honey off your fingers. Then, seal the jar with the paper still inside. Place a lit candle over the jar. The color is dependent on what you desire:

  • Red indicates passionate love
  • Pink is for a loving attitude
  • Brown corresponds to legal/judicial matters

Once the candle fully burns, store it where it cannot be found. Wait seven days before lighting another candle. Light one once a week on the same day each week.

Winnie the Pooh Honey Jar

Winnie the Pooh Honey Jar

Who doesn’t think of Winnie the Pooh without thinking of honey, or should we say, “Hunny”, and has been spelled this way since the first Winnie the Pooh film. Many people have wondered about the misspelling of honey on the jar and pondered its significance.

Some speculations are that it is spelled “Hunny” as a hidden term of endearment. Others feel that it has more to do with the target audience of Winnie the Pooh stories- young children. The misspelled honey is simply written as a child might when they sound out a word and attempt to spell it.

The last thought is less than flattering to our favorite friend, which is that Pooh isn’t that intelligent. Hunny just proves that he isn’t a good speller.

Lovers of Winnie the Pooh don’t know the significance behind the misspelled term of honey or what the author meant when it was written. The misspelled word is never revealed. The closest we may get to the truth is that many of the letters are reversed. Perhaps, it is just a reflection of a child learning how to write.

Honey Jar with Dipper

Honey’s final application, of course, is one of food. Honey is a sticky, sweet, delicious treat, and you can incorporate it into many dishes. Not everyone chooses to store their honey in a store-bought container. Additionally, many people harvest their own honey as well. For those that do, here are a few different ways you can store honey.

Best Canning Honey Jars: Rormket Glass Hexagon Jars

Rormket Glass Hexagon Jars

These jars come in a pack of 24, have gold lids and extra dipper sticks to drizzle honey from. They are mini mason jars made of heavy-duty glass and made from food-grade material. They resist corrosion and are easy to clean.


  • Great for using daily
  • Decorative
  • Perfect for gifts
  • Dipper sticks are 100% natural wood


  • Some people wanted thinner ribbons for the jars

Best Overall: Omita Honey Pot with Dipper

 Omita Honey Pot with Dipper

This ten-ounce honey jar with a dipper is a very elegant design. Both the jar and wand are hand blown and created with lead-free thick glass making it more durable. It is lead-free, BPA-free, and PTFE-free.


  • Dishwasher safe, but cleaning by hand is recommended
  • Beautiful design
  • Durable


  • Lid isn’t airtight
  • Cannot be placed in a microwave or freezer

Jar of Honey

For those who aren’t looking for a container but want to can their own honey, there are many options available to keep your honey fresh.

Best Overall: Adabocute Hexagon Glass Honey Jars (Canning)

Adabocute Hexagon Glass Honey

These come in a twelve-pack accompanied by gold lids, bee charms, wooden dippers, and jute. The glass is lead-free with BPA-free metal lids. They are dishwasher safe and made from food-grade material.


  • Holds 4 oz
  • 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee


  • Twine not long enough
  • Too small

Most Creative Add On: Aieve Mason Jar Honey Dippers

Aieve Mason Jar Honey Dippers

This dipper is compatible with all 16 oz mason jars and transforms them into a honey pot by allowing users to drizzle their honey directly from the jar. All users need to do is replace the lid with this one. It keeps the honey safely sealed when you are not using it.


  • Durable and resilient (made from stainless steel)
  • Easy to grip


  • Stick is not welded to the lid and sometimes unscrews

Honey Jar Labels

Honey Jar Labels

This is where canning your own honey becomes fun. If you are looking to use them as gifts, there are several personalized labels that you can create to commemorate your event.

If you do a lot of canning of honey, there are blackboard labels that can be used that are reusable.

If you want to provide your own personal touch to your canned product, you can use Avery Printable Round labels. You can create your own labels and print them out using your computer. Their sure feed system will perfectly align your labels to prevent jams. 

From the common to the unusual, honey has different applications. Whether you prefer to use it to sweeten your hot beverage, to put on your toast, to cast a spell, or to ponder a long-standing debate on Winnie the Pooh, honey is a fascinating topic.

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