How to Cut Papaya – The 4 Official Ways to Cut Delicious Papaya

Cut Delicious Papaya

So, you have just come home from the grocery store after picking up large ripe papaya that looks so delicious; you just can’t wait to eat it. Unfortunately, you have no idea how to cut papaya. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The best way to cut papaya is by first removing the skin, then cutting the fruit in half, scooping the seeds, and chopping it up however you like.  From there, you can do just about anything you want, and your dish will be delicious.

If you need help cutting your papaya, reading this article will not only teach you how to do it properly but give you some tips and tricks along the way. If you are ready to take a deep dive into the world of papaya preparation, let’s get started.

How to Cut Papaya

Different sources may tell you various ways to cut papaya, and most of them are probably just fine to try and will get the job done. However, if you are looking for the quickest way to cut papaya, follow these simple steps.

1. Wash Your Papaya

Although you will be peeling the green skin away from the fruit, it is still important to wash all of the debris and possible chemicals off the papaya so there is no transfer to the inside fruit when peeling.

2. Cut The Ends Off

Laying your fruit on a flat surface or cutting board like a football, slice off each end. Doing this helps in the peeling process and keeps it stable enough to cut when standing it up.

3. Peel the skin

Now is the best time to peel the skin off of the papaya because it is now easy to stand in place. You can do this with a sharp paring knife, or you can use a papaya peeler. There are many papaya peelers on the market that make this process a little easier and possibly safer.

4. Slice it Down the Center

Still standing straight up, cut your produce right down the center, creating two halves. Once you lay them flat, they should look like two orange bowls full of tiny black seeds.

5. Scoop the Seeds

Using a spoon or scoop, loosen the seeds and guts of the papaya and remove them. (These seeds are safe to eat and can even be good for you, but the taste isn’t all that pleasant.)

6. Cut Your Pieces

Finally, you can cut your papaya into slices, chunks, squares, just about any way you want.

How to Eat Papaya

papaya cut up and ready to go

Once you have your papaya cut up and ready to go, you can eat it in just about anything you would like. Papaya is a sweet yet savory fruit that can go great in a spring salad or cooked into a stir fry.

Another great way to enjoy this international fruit is by throwing it in a blender with other ingredients to create an exotic yet delicious fruit smoothie.

How to Tell if a Papaya is Ripe       

You can easily tell if fresh papaya is ripe by its color, texture, and scent. An unripe papaya’s skin will still be green and hard. When the papaya ripens, it will have a more yellow color, and it will be firm yet slightly softened. (you should be able to push your finger into the fruit, causing it to dent but not break open).

Another way to detect whether or not your fruit is ripe is by sniffing the stem location, and you should be able to smell a distinct fruity aroma. Once you get familiar with this tactic, you will be able to tell when it is ripe.

Is it Dangerous to Eat an Unripe Papaya?

It is suggested you cook your papaya if it is unripe, especially if you are pregnant, due to the natural latex contained in the fruit. This latex has a chemical called papain, which can cause uterine contractions and possible miscarriage. It can also cause digestive issues for anyone eating this unripened fruit.

Is it Dangerous to Eat Papaya Skin?

You can eat papaya skin without any serious side effects. However, it can cause stomach pain, indigestion, and other abdominal discomforts. There are no benefits associated with eating the skin, so there really isn’t any reason to.

What Does Papaya Taste Like

A nicely ripened papaya is like eating sweet fruity butter. The flesh is soft and melts in your mouth, giving off a creamy texture and a tropical fruit flavor.

It is so important to wait for the fruit to become perfectly ripe because an unripe papaya fruit has little to no taste and is hard.

How to Tell if Your Papaya is Rotten

How to Tell if Your Papaya is Rotten

You should never eat any rotten fruit due to the negative health effects it can have on your body. If you are concerned your papaya has been sitting out too long and may have gone bad, here are some signs you should look for.

  • There will be dark blotches on the outer skin of an overripe papaya.
  • Mold will start to show on the outer skin, or you will see it on the inside when you cut it open.
  • The outer skin will seem super thin or flimsy.
  • There is a bitter flavor to the fruit.
  • You notice a sliminess covering the flesh.
  • There is a rancid smell coming from the produce.

Note that after cutting your ripe papaya, it will last in the refrigerator for about one week. However, you should eat it within a few days to get the best flavor and nutritional value.

Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing a Papaya Peeler

When you are purchasing a papaya peeler, you want one that can slice the outer layer without taking too much off. After all, you want to enjoy the whole fruit, not just what’s left!

Best Overall- Kom Kom Miracle Zig Zag Knife

Kom Kom Miracle Zig Zag Knife

If you want to know how to cut papaya, definitely consider using this tool – constructed with a stainless-steel blade, this knife is made with the highest standards in mind. It can julienne, shred, peel, core, and carve papayas. It can slice fruits into neat segments and can create decorative zig-zagged halves.


  • Balances durability and sharpness
  • Multipurpose blade easily pivots and rotates making alternating between functions effortless.
  • Known to be one of the best peelers


  • Feels small in hand
  • Plastic connection joints

Best Runner Up- Kiwi Pro

Kiwi Pro Slice Peeler

This peeler is well constructed with a stainless-steel blade that retains its razor-sharp edge. It creates decorative cuts on fruits and is ideal for creating a papaya salad.


  • Easy to hold
  • Cleaning is effortless
  • Reduces shredding time


  • Doesn’t always separate strands easily
  • Strips may be too thin for some users

Best Budget- Oomph Peeler

OOMPH Vegetable Peeler

Created from high-grade HRC Japanese stainless steel, this peeler comes with a sandblast coating which makes it durable and rustproof. It is able to peel rough-skinned fruits and has a beautiful Swiss design.

The swivel blade glides through smooth surfaces easily and provides an easy grip.


  • Sharp
  • Durable and rust proof
  • Lightweight


  • May be too small for large hands
  • No grip

Summing Things Up

The Papaya fruit is a great option to choose while you are browsing your grocery store produce aisle. It is versatile, easy to cut and prepare, and tastes fantastic in any dish. Next time you are hosting a dinner party, try adding this delectable fruit to the main course; you are sure to get tons of compliments.

Do you have any suggestions for preparing papaya or favorite recipes? Comment them below!

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