Onion Dicer Saves You Tears from Manual Slicing

Onion Dicer

Looking for a less tedious way to chop onions? Onions are strong, pungent, and burn the eyes. Half of the time, we are unsure whether tears are shed from the onion smell or from completing the time-consuming task of preparing onions. An onion dicer is a perfect solution when cutting onions that makes the process quicker, less involved, and could protect you from the burning sensation caused by the chopping process.

Our top picks include:

Onion Chopper

Also known as an onion chopper or onion cutter, this device easily cuts through onions without the physical discomforts or complications of doing it by hand. Additionally, it prevents the transfer of the unpleasant onion smell to your hands and shortens preparation time. Onions are cut with uniform precision making any plate delectably presentable. 

While an onion dicer can chop onions, it can chop other things too, like harder vegetables and fruits, making it a very diverse instrument to have in your kitchen.

What is an Onion Chopper?

There are several types of onion chopper models on the market, whichever you prefer depends on what kind of budget and level of convenience you prefer. There are standard manual veggie chopper options that can be efficient for small batches of diced onions, or you can use an electric food chopper. If you frequently use onions in your meal prep, you may want to consider purchasing an electric food chopper

An onion chopper cuts onions into smaller pieces to be used for cooking or for salads. As mentioned, it does have multiple uses, making it a very efficient tool to have in the kitchen. Cooking tasks are simplified, and it prevents the irritation of the eyes from the pungent onion vapors.

Designed with sharp cutting blades, the vegetable chopper onion chopper can come in fun designs, with storage containers, and at an affordable price. If you are very particular with your kitchen equipment and appliances, you can select a chopper that comes in a simple design, or modern design

You can also store ingredients in the attached container, eliminating the use of both a cutting board and knife and making for easy cleanup. Models tend to have a small footprint and can be easily stored.

What Should You Look For?

There are a variety of onion choppers on the market, and finding the perfect one- or at least one that will last- can be a daunting task. There are many features to look for, especially when it comes to material that will benefit you over the long run.

When selecting an onion dicer, look for models that come fashioned with durable material, like a strong plastic container for the options that have storage. There are many features that you can select as well, like a pull cord, powerful motor, pulse buttons, and cutting tray.

Onion Dicer Electric or Manual

Onion dicers come in two different models: manual and electric. If you intend to use it for travel or camping, select a manual onion chopper. These models will always work, have a small footprint, can be taken anywhere, and don’t require power/batteries to operate. Just make sure to bring a cleaning brush too, so that you can throughly clean it out with hot water after every use. 

However, manual models are not designed for people with weak hands as they require pressure to slice through the object. Some choppers come equipped with pull cords making them easier to utilize.

If you need something that will do several quantities of onions in one shot, that is efficient, choose an electric chopper. They are easier to use because similarly to a food processor, the chopper will do all the work. They are also generally compact in size and can easily fit into your kitchen cabinets or on a countertop

Materials and Design

Your onion dicer should be practical and easily fit in your kitchen. For a manual chopper, ensure that it has a good grip and easy-to-use pull handles to prevent strain. You want to ensure that minimal effort is required when chopping onions. 

Look for onion choppers composed of high-quality materials (steel blades accompanied by a hard plastic body) that will give you the precision you need. Additionally, the sharp blades should be durable, and resistant to corrosion/rust. Stainless steel blades will generate a cleaner cut and will work more efficiently. There are also dicers that come with different sizes of blades for more options in your food prep routine. 

Look only for food-grade, BPA-free plastic bodies as this will indicate your are purchasing only high-quality products, and not cheaply manufactured products

Size and Capacity

If you prepare dinner or lunch with white onions everyday, you will want something that is quick and easy to clean up afterwards. If you are making a large meal for some event, or commercial food preparation; choosing a large onion dicer would be even better. 

How do you determine what size is needed for your specific needs? You want your onion dicer to be able to hold your ingredients within one batch. The average chopper contains one to four cups of diced onions. Keep in mind there are larger units. However, they will take up additional space and are louder while running if they are electric.

Pay attention to how you cook. Are you dicing onions for meal prep for the week or using them for a single meal? This will determine what capacity you need.

Dishwasher Safe

Onion choppers are easier to wash in the dishwasher than by hand. There tend to be many small holes that can leave sticky residue overtime if not properly washed,  and cleaning by hand can proove to be time-consuming. Placing it in a dishwasher will make it more hygienic. 


There are some food chopper models with a storage container attached. This eliminates the need for a cutting board, and you can easily store leftover chopped onions in the refrigerator. They create less of mess and are more convenient.


Onion choppers are used a lot. Not only do people use it to chop onions but other fruits and hard vegetables as well. It should stand up to constant motion and last for several years. 

The blades should provide a consistent result at least over the first few years to be considered a good machine. Even though the blade may dull over time, it is normal and can be sharpened or replaced.

Best Onion Dicer

The best onion dicer contains all the features above. It should be easy to use, which would mean that it should be electric for daily use. It needs to have stainless steel blades, work efficiently, and be easy to store. Also, a container is handy, making cleaning up a quick and easy process.

For those who travel or need it for camping, we’ve included a manual one as well. 

Best Overall (Manual): Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop

Onion Dicer

This device will save you time on chopping and food prep. A wide variety of food can be cut in seconds by the pull of the cord. The removable stainless-steel blades remain very sharp and are ideal for daily use. This is a simiple machine that can be considered as a small chopper for kitchen use. 

For coarse cuts, pull the cord five times. Ten times gives you a fine cut, and 15 produces a smooth dip or sauce. These blades are so sharp, they will even cut nuts!


  • Container has a two-cup capacity
  • Non-slip base
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Come with blade protector


  • Top is difficult to clean
  • Lid needs to be held down while using cord

Best Overall (Electric): Black and Decker HC300B

Onion Dicer

This electric onion chopper has a three-cup capacity. It has removable parts, making it easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The blades are bi-level stainless steel that remains sharp and are durable. These blades should last for a long time. This is a stylish chopper option that will work for most food preparation tasks. 


  • One-touch chopper
  • Work bowl cover has small holes to add dressings and sauces
  • Allows you to mix, puree, chop, create crumbs, and is perfect for vinaigrettes/dressings


  • Liquid can sometimes escapes through air holes
  • Larger footprint

Best Runner Up: Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

Onion Dicer

The Fullstar Vegetable Chopper is a manual device that allows you to chop, dice, but, and slice foods. It cuts large amounts of food in seconds using all high-quality materials. The plastic is food-grade quality and BPA-free. 

With a heavy-duty 420 stainless steel, the razors remain sharp for precise cutting and smooth operation. It is also rust-resistant, and you can cut all materials with ease.


  • The non-skid base and handle has good grip
  • Can place in dishwasher
  • Interchangeable blades: chop, julienne, and slice
  • 1.2L collection tray


  • Takes up counter/storage space
  • Grates are difficult to remove

Commercial Onion Dicer

For the enthusiast or professional chef, there are Commercial Vegetable Fruit Chopper options as well. 

Best Overall: Happybuy Commercial Chopper

Onion Dicer

This chopper features stainless steel blades with an aluminum alloy frame for increased durability. It is easy to transport and is safe for most kitchen novices to use (with proper instruction). It can meet a large demand for fruits or vegetables and has wide use of applications. 

This professional chopper can make shoe string french fries, and cut carrots and apples into nice managable slices. 


  • ¼ inch blade heavy duty, comprised of 304 food-grade stainless steel
  • Easy to operate with ergonomic handle
  • Non-slip feet
  • Easy to disassemble, is rugged, and corrosion resistant


  • Handle is a little awkward
  • Takes time to thoroughly clean
  • Not an automatic onion chopper

If you can select a product that has lifetime warranty, that would also be ideal as a long term investment.

Onion dicers are a quick and convenient way to cut not only onions but other foods as well. They use stainless steel blades that resist corrosion and create a sharp, clean cut. Using this machine cuts down on prep time significantly, allowing you to focus the meals you plan to serve. 

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