Splatter Screen-The Most Underutilized, Yet Efficient Kitchen Product

Splatter Screen

Do you enjoy frying your food but hate the mess it leaves behind? This is where this underutilized product comes in handy. Designed to fit multiple-sized pots and pans, splatter screens can prevent your food from boiling over and grease from attaching itself to your cooktop. Using these can save you time and the frustration of scrubbing a mess afterward.

Our Top Selection for Spatter Screens Are:

What to Look for in a Splatter Screen

Splatter screens aren’t always a one-size-fits-all type of instrument. What may appear a good idea initially may have its drawbacks. Before buying a splatter screen, you need to objectively look at what it will be used for, the size, and the material. You will also need to consider the features as well.


When looking for a splatter screen for your kitchen, carefully consider the type of range that you have. This will play into what material is best suited for you. Each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages, so select the one that is best for you.

While metal splatter screens may be old-school, they are versatile enough to be used on any cooktop. Even though silicone screens are newer and have their benefits, they can burn on a gas cooktop. 


Super-large screens appear like a great idea on the surface. They cover a vast amount of space and appear perfect in every circumstance. Most people feel that it will fit on any piece of cookware, making it a wiser purchase. However, when attempting to use a large screen on a small pot, you may find that it is not worth the hassle. 

When shopping for a splatter screen, try to match screen size with your existing pots and pans. If you are concerned about splatter while utilizing a large frying pan, purchasing a large screen is best. For splatters from a saucepan, select a smaller screen.


Overall, simple screens will get the job done. However, some splatter screens contain feet to hold it upright and off the counter when removed. Others will allow you to access food when the screen is over the pot/pan. If this is what you need, search for screens with these features.

Best Splatter Screen

In an ideal world, the best splatter screen would come in a pack that would fit multiple pots and pans, clean easily, and is durable enough to use daily. It would also catch all the grease and debris before it becomes caked on indefinitely to the cooktop and would be versatile enough to be used on any stovetop available.

Does such a product exist?

Best Overall: U.S. Kitchen Supply Stainless Steel Splatter Screen

Splatter Screen

This product comes complete with three professional-grade screens in different sizes. They are made of durable stainless steel and have feet that will rest on your countertop. The handles have a comfortable grip.


  • Rustproof fine mesh with double-thick twill weave for added strength
  • Not prone to denting and will catch fine particles
  • Allows steam to escape


  • Not the best for simmering
  • Difficult to hand clean

Fry Pan Splatter Screen

While pots commonly overflow, pans tend to spray grease everywhere when frying. The best type of splatter screen for a frying pan fully covers the entire area and will prevent you from getting burned while tending to your food. 

Best Runner Up: Beckon Ware Silicone Splatter Screen

Splatter Screen

This screen will protect your cooktop from messy spills and splatter. Best of all, it also doubles as a drainboard, strainer, and cooling mat. Instead of using multiple tools for cooking, it saves you time by incorporating several into one.

Made of food-grade silicone, it cleans easily and resists extreme temperatures (up to 445°F).


  • Slim space-saving profile
  • Grease guard fits small to large pans
  • Raised feet
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Available in 11” and 13”


  • May spit at outer edges
  • Should not be used with gas cooktops as it may melt the device

Grease Splatter Screen

These splatter screens have a grease guard to prevent grease from popping out of your pan and onto your cooktop. The ideal splatter screen for this application is stainless steel- especially if you have a gas cooktop. This material will not melt and is designed to be used on all surfaces.

Best Budget: BergKoch Splatter Screen for Frying Pan with Grease Guard

Splatter Screen

BergKoch’s Splatter Screen is made from heavy-duty material and protects against grease. It is designed to fit most pans, skillets, and pots. Composed of premium grade stainless steel accompanied with an extra-fine mesh basket, the oil splash guard permits the release multiple-sized of steam while preventing almost all the splatter.


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Stays rust-free
  • Available in 9.5”, 11.5”, 13”, and 15” diameters
  • Works on skillets and woks


  • Designed for stovetop use – not oven as it will melt the handle
  • Doesn’t catch all the splatter


How do you clean a splatter screen?

Many splatter screens are dishwasher-safe. However, you need to watch the size as many larger screens can be washed in the dishwasher but may be difficult to load into one. 

If it can’t be placed in the dishwasher, then use soapy, hot water, and give it a thorough scrub to remove food and grease. 

What is a splatter screen?

Splatter screens catch grease droplets that fly up when frying food. Without it, grease tends to splatter all over a cooktop and backsplash, causing a mess to clean up afterward. Splash screens allow steam to escape but cut down on the grease going onto the cooktop. Clean-up is made simple with these devices. 

They also prevent you from burns.

How do you use a splatter screen?

Splatter screens fit neatly on top of your pots, pans, skillets, and sometimes woks. The handle allows you to place it on top of a boiling pot or pan without the risk of burning yourself. When you are done, you simply lift the screen off and finish cooking. 

Splatter screens are great for cutting down on kitchen cleanup. Not only do they prevent grease from splattering on your cooktop, but they can prevent you from burns as well. Many of them double as other gadgets making them very convenient to use in the kitchen. Available in stainless steel and silicone, you will easily find one that is perfect for your space.

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