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Sponge Holder

Dishwashing can be tedious and time-consuming. As much as we try to keep our pots, pans, utensils, and dishware clean, we often neglect to keep the kitchen sponge hygienic. It often sits in the sink, or around a counter collecting moisture and mildew, which isn’t the best for our health. Furthermore, we tend to have to hunt for items we use less frequently. What if there was an easier way to keep things organized?

In this article, we will review the following items in terms of practicality, durability, and functionality:

Joseph Joseph 85134 Surface Sink Caddy

KINCMAX Adhesive Sink Organizer

Eunion Sink Caddy

Sponge Holder for Sink

Sponge holders, or sink caddies, are convenient ways to organize your cleaning supplies so they are always in arm’s reach. By using proper ventilation, a wet sponge can air-dry better in an easy storage solution that prevents mold and mildew buildup.

Sink caddies come in many convenient forms, ranging from ones that have suction cups to holders that sit beside the sink. The type that you choose will depend on how much room you have available, what items you use, and your own personal style.

It is advisable to select a sink caddy that has an open design with great ventilation in the form of large holes or a drainage tray. This will keep your sponges cleaner, more hygienic, and less prone to harmful bacteria.

What to Look For

When purchasing a caddy, there are several things to consider – ventilation being the top priority. Make sure there is a way for water and dish soap to drain out of the bottom. It isn’t sufficient to just wring out these items. As they dry, they will drip water, and you don’t want them sitting in anything wet because that is how bacteria can form. Most caddies will have drain holes and an open design to help keep the kitchen sponge dry.

It should be large enough to store all your items while not being too big for your counter space. You will need to consider how much space you have and what items you need close by.

The material also plays a role in how easy the caddy is to clean and how long it will last. Stainless steel is the most ideal option as it looks great, won’t show smudges, and is durable. However, they tend to be pricier.

Kitchen Sink Sponge Holder

A kitchen sink sponge holder will hold multiple items. It is used when no single method of cleaning is used, but many things need to be kept within arm’s reach. They can hold bottlebrushes, sponges, scrubbers, and dishcloths.

Best Overall: Joseph Joseph 85134 Surface Sink Caddy

Joseph Joseph 85134 Surface Sink Caddy

If you need to keep all your dishwashing materials in one place, this is the perfect solution. Made from stainless steel, this caddy holds brushes, bottles, scrubbers, and sponges. A small bar is also incorporated into the design to hold a dishcloth.

The bottom is non-slip with a sloped base to ensure excess water drains into your sink. The stainless steel body prevents smudges and fingerprints from being visible.


  • Can be partially dismantled to allow handwashing
  • Available in large and small designs
  • Sturdy design


  • No rim to keep water contained
  • Drainage angle may not be steep enough

Sink Sponge Holder

A sink sponge holder tends to be a container that suction cups to the sink. Some only allow you to hold a sponge in it, while others will hold multiple items. The challenge with suction cup caddies is that they often slide down the sink when wet.

The best alternative to one with suction cups that does sit in your sink is the following:

Best Runner Up: KINCMAX Adhesive Sink Organizer

KINCMAX Adhesive Sink Organizer

This caddy is great because it doesn’t slide down the sink. Complete with waterproof hooks, it is stronger than suction cups, will hold up to 15 pounds, and will last for several years. The stainless steel also will not rust. 

The design is nice and compact but holds everything necessary to wash pots, pans, and dishes. It will contain a scrubbing sponge, dish brushes for heavier scrubbing, and a dishcloth. The bottom will hold all the supplies and allow for proper drainage into the sink.


  • Good for twin sinks
  • Easy to remove and install
  • Good drainage


  • Place to hold dishrag is small
  • Slightly smaller than expected

Best Budget: Eunion Sink Caddy

Eunion Sink Caddy

This saddle-style sink caddy contains two separate compartments and rests on a divider between sinks. One side is used for a sponge or brush while the other can hold clean utensils. The bottom has holes for easy drainage into the sink. It comes in blue or white.


  • Made of good quality soft silicone
  • Easy to install
  • Drains easily


  • Not much room
  • Cannot place soap dispenser in it


How to make a sponge holder stick to a sink?

If the caddy is in-sink, it will slide down when wet. To fix this, dry off your suction cups and add petroleum jelly to it prior to attaching it to the sink. 

What sponge holder will stick to my sink?

The best types that will stick to your sink are holders that have strong adhesives (make sure they remove well for cleaning), hooks, or saddle-style so they go into the space between sinks. This will prevent them from sliding down as they would with suction cup holders. 

The best type of sponge holder to use is one made of stainless steel. It is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and hides smudges well. Select one with superior drainage so that bacteria doesn’t have a chance to grow, and one that is large enough to contain everything you need.

There are organizers that will allow you to place dish soap in it as well. They have a larger footprint, but they are handy overall. If possible, avoid caddies with suction cups. However, if you like them, petroleum jelly may prevent them from sliding.

Sponge holders are a wonderful way to keep your dish cleaning supplies tidy, organized, and within reach. They are a hygienic way to stay organized.

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