Tiger Rice Cooker – The One Pot, Small Footprint Wonder That Makes Cooking Easy

Looking for a rice cooker that is more streamlined and makes cooking smarter? Tiger rice cookers quickly dominated the market with a product that promotes a sophisticated yet warm look with unique and smart functionality.

We review the following top Tiger rice cookers to provide you with the best recommendation:

Tiger Brand Rice Cooker

Tiger manufactures kitchen appliances geared towards innovation and generating an intelligent kitchen space. Their goal is to make meal preparation easier. A Tiger rice cooker has an array of features and functions, making it a fast favorite among consumers.

Tiger rice cookers have a synchro-cooking, multiple cooking options for food and rice. It can also cook in large capacities. Tiger is dedicated to being the best on the market with its high-quality design, technology, and vast cooking functions. They can be small enough for a dorm living on a budget or big enough for large family gatherings.


At the forefront is Tiger’s innovative technology. Their rice cookers are made from stainless steel and are known for pushing the limits of what a rice cooker can truly do. Cookers have four to ten settings, induction heating, non-stick inner pans, and an automatic keep-warm function.

Streamlined and Multifunctional Design

This rice cooker isn’t bulky at all and is visually appealing. They come in a 3, 5, 6, 8, and 10 cup capacity for uncooked rice. When purchasing this product, you are getting more than a rice cooker. You’re also getting a pressure cooker, slow cooker, and food steamer. 

Tiger recognizes that people have busy lifestyles, so their appliances gear towards adjusting to this trend making cooking more efficient.

Their rice cookers double as rice washers, pressure cookers, and steamers for food. It is known as synchro-cooking by turning a rice cooker into something with food cooking capabilities. Customers don’t need to be concerned with meat flavors as your food cooker is separate.

Ventilation keeps the food and rice separated yet well cooked. Some models are stainless steel, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. 

Tiger Rice Cooker 10 Cup

A ten-cup rice cooker is perfect for large families, big family gatherings, or batch cooking. Tiger’s products have a very small footprint- even for a large capacity rice cooker. This model is no exception.

Best Overall: Tiger JBV-A18U-W

Tiger Rice Cooker

This rice cooker can cook your main dish and rice simultaneously, saving you time. With a one-push operation and four cook settings, this rice cooker also has synchrony-cooking, slow cooking, brown rice, and plain rice functions. 


  • Easy to clean with a non-stick coating
  • Comes with cooking plate, non-stick spatula, cookbook, and measuring cup
  • Actively monitors cooking temperature
  • Detachable steam cap


  • Water sometimes spills from the top
  • Brown rice takes longer to cook

Tiger Rice Cooker 5 Cup

The five-cup rice cookers are for more moderate batches. They come with a variety of features, have a small footprint, and are very convenient to use.

Best Runner Up: Tiger JAX-T10U

Tiger Rice Cooker

Individuals can cook both meat and rice in this cooker with the synchro cooking capability. The flavors will also not affect the taste of either dish. Using the steam from cooking the rice, the tacook plate also cooks other dishes, saving time and providing a healthier meal.

It comes with ten computerized cooking settings and a four-in-one function. Individuals can make brown rice, porridge, plain/quick rice, slow cook, multigrain, and steam. 


  • Coating is non-stick
  • Small footprint
  • Two preset cook timers
  • Keep warm function


  • Power cord isn’t retractable
  • Doesn’t collect condensation

Tiger Rice Cooker 3 Cup

Whether you’re cooking for two or to make smaller batches, a three-cup rice cooker is ideal. While this rice cooker takes up more space than the others, it is still extremely efficient and affordable.

Best Budget: Tiger JNP-S55U-HU

Tiger Rice Cooker

This rice cooker will allow you to keep your food warm for up to 12 hours. A non-stick inner pan makes it easy to remove food and clean as well. 


  • Power cord retracts
  • Washable and removable steam vent


  • Cooks white rice only


How do you use a Tiger rice cooker?

You simply measure your rice with the provided measuring cup and wash the rice by using the inner pot to remove the starches. When washing the rice, stir it around using your hand with the rice submerged in water. Pour the water out and repeat until it runs clear.

Adjust your water level using the scale found on the inside of your pot and remove water residue from the outer pot and brim. Immerse the pot into the cooker, then plug it in. Press the proper menu key.

Once the rice has finished cooking, loosen and stir the rice with the rice spatula.

How do you clean a Tiger rice cooker?

Allow the cooker and all its parts to fully cool to room temperature. Remove your inner pot, steam cap, inner id, gaskets, spatula, and dew collector. Wash in dishwashing liquid and immerse it in enough water to cover the entire surface of the parts. 

You can soak removable parts for two to three hours. Rinse it completely and dry. Clean the outside of the pot, and then store.

Never use abrasive sponges to clean the pot. Utensils should never be washed in the pot, as they can scratch the interior, and refrain from placing the inner pot on top of dishes for drying or upside down. This could damage the coating. Also, do not allow water to go inside the rice cooker as it can cause it to short circuit.

The Tiger rice cooker is a wonderfully efficient tool that can cut down on cook time. It can cook both meat and rice in the same pot making for easy clean-up, and the flavors will not absorb into each other. The small footprint takes up very little space, and it is quite efficient.

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